Baldridge Waylon W34

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Semen: $30.00

Certificate: $50.00

Birth Weight84
Weaning Weight879
Yearling Weight1365
Frame Score5.5
Scrotal Circumference41

Reasons to use:

1.  Waylon's first set of bull calves averaged $14,375 at Baldridge's Bull Sale.

2.  He is siring performance in a moderate-framed, easy-fleshing package with scrotal and docility.           

3.  With Waylon's pedigree he offers mating flexibility on many bloodlines.

4.  His individual rib eye scanned 14.8.   His semen is in high demand.


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GAR-EGL Protege
L B 6807 Isabel 339
Baldridge Blackcap T163
Baldridge Blackcap P326

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