Barstow Cash

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Semen: $50.00

Certificate: $30.00

Birth Weight64
Weaning Weight708
Yearling Weight1420
Hip Height52
Frame Score6.2

Reasons To Use:

1.  Cash sold 1/3 interest for $108,000.00, making him the highest selling bull ever produced in the productive Barstow Angus program.

2.  He has incredible body volume , shape , muscle and thickness.

3.  Cash is a calving ease sire that possesses great genetics tabulation with strong growth, carcass, and $B values.

4.  Cash was injured while pasture breeding this summer and we are hoping to have semen available for spring 2015 breeding.


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Sitz Upward 307R
Sitz Everelda Entense 2665
Barstow Queen W16
RCA Queen R42

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