SAV Homesteader 7282

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Semen: $15.00

Certificate: $30.00

Birth Weight69
Weaning Weight923
Yearling Weight1479
Mature Weight2
Hip Height52
Frame Score5.5
Scrotal Circumference49


1.  Homesteader comes from a very highly maternal line
of cattle that has great fertility bred in. Tested AM and NH free.
2.  He is a rare individual in that he had a 69 lb. birth
weight, 923 lb. weaning weight topped by a 1479 lb.
yearling weight.  He weighed 1,950 lb. on his second birthday.
3.  Homesteader had a yearling REA of 15.2.  His GeneStar
tests show: Quality Grade=0 stars, Tenderness= 5 stars and
Feed Efficiency = 8 stars.
4.  He is moderate framed and his semen in priced so
everyone can use him. He is better than the top 1% for SC and Milk.


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