Shipwheel Forefront 0567

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Semen: $20.00

Certificate: $35.00

Birth Weight80
Weaning Weight727
Yearling Weight1132
Scrotal Circumference36


1.  He was the high selling bull at Shipwheel's 2011 bull sale.

2.  0567 comes from a great cow family known for their great udders and longevity.

3.  A long sided, big rib eyed bull, that has a wonderful disposition.

4.  He is in the top 2% of the breed for YW,RADG, CW and $F.

5.  He has an outcross pedigree for most herds especially on the dam's side.

6. Bull calves are averaging 85lbs & heifers 78lbs.

Lead off bull in the 2014 sale will be a Forefront son.


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