Sitz Tebow 11860

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Semen: $20.00

Certificate: $40.00

Birth Weight74
Weaning Weight756
Yearling Weight1212
Scrotal Circumference41.8

1.  Tebow was selected for use in the Sitz program - a high
honor for a yearling bull.
2.  His ratios of  WW 107 and YW 106 in the Sitz herd show
tremendous growth which is predictable given the Bull Durham
and Thunder in his pedigree.
3.  Tebow drew a lot of attention from purebred and commercial
cattlemen at the Sitz Angus Fall 2011 sale and was one of the
top sellers @ $ 26,000.
4.  His dam is out of the Emma cow family and his progeny shoul
exhibit her maternal qualities.


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Sitz Ellunas Elite 3308
Connealy Thunder
Sitz Emma E 2738
Sitz Emma E 2253

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