Vermilion Bear Paw

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Semen: $25.00

Certificate: $35.00

Birth Weight70
Weaning Weight781
Yearling Weight1282


1. He was the 2nd high selling bull at Vermillion's 2012 Spring Production Sale; bringing $30,000.

2. Bear Paw is long and deep bodied with excellent muscle structure, he is very phenotypically correct from head to tail.

3. This bull was used in both Vermillion's and Crowley's herds. They say his first calf crop is one to take a look at. They used him on heifers and said the calves came with no problems.

4." Vermillion says it might be their best calf crop since VRD."


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Connealy Full Freight
Black Rina of Conanga 69
LC Grid Topper 6078
Vermilion Lass 8028
Vermilion Lass 6133

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