Semen: $15.00

Reg. # OB2878  SW12495-153
Born: February 8, 1991
Trait: EPD Acc
BW +1.6 .90
WW +2 .92
YW +4 .89
Milk +8 .89
M&G +9  
CE Direct -1.5 .90
CE Maternal -0.2 .89


  Hari was imported to England from Switzerland as a calf.   His semen was processed in England and exported to the U.S.   and other countries. His progeny are well balanced and   correct on their feet and legs. He exhibits good length and   depth of rib.


MUNOT (SW6058131)
HEKTOR (SW5098120)
ELVIRA (SW4854120)
GALLUS (SW7213200)
HELGA (SW9853153)
HILDI (SW7165153