Starline Lutz 26N

Semen: $10.00

Reg #B4373 (OB86)
Born: May 10, 1981
BW n/a
WW 605 lbs.
YW 1170 lbs.
Mat. Wt. 2350 lbs.
Trait: EPD Acc
BW -0.9 .75
WW +1 .80
YW +3 .75
Milk -3 .73
M&G -3  
CE Direct +0.2 .76
CE Maternal -1.8 .73


  Lutz progeny are born easily yet retain acceptable growth   and performance traits. They tend to be a little finer   boned and flatter muscled and could be used on a coarser   boned line for refinement. He is recommended for use on   heifers.


ZIER (SW8685)
JORDAN (CA1142) (SW5510)
KONIG (SW7846)
LIDIA (SW16885)
BARCA (SW4732)