WAG Next Step 4003S ET

Semen: $25.00

Reg. #: ACA H 326852
Born: April 18, 2005
Birth Wt.: 94 lbs.
Wean. Wt.: 746 lbs.
H/P Horned
TH Carrier PHA Free
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. 3.7 0.25
Wn. Wt. 30.9 0.25
Yrlg. Wt. 58.6 0.25
Milk 12.8 0.24


 Next Step is the result of combining two very sought after pedigrees.  His progeny are

 correct and well muscled and should show well in the ring.  He should also work well in

 a commercial operation.



BHCS Heat Seeker 23
Heat Wave
FAWL MA x AN x CA 100
Who Made Who 411F
WAG Hairietta 9145J CAX