Lane's End Microcosm

Semen: $35.00

Lane's End Microcosm


ADCA Reg. # :  022383
PDCA Reg. #  203923
Born: June 2, 2006
Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier
PHA Non-carrier
Mat. Wt.: 850 lbs.
Height shoulder & hip 40"
Homozygous Horned & black
Dun Carrier: ED/ED/Bb
Parentage: Sire qualified


 Microcosm is sired by Woodmagic Hedgehog from semen imported from England.  He is the   avenue to these sought after genetics.  His calves come easily and are vigorous at birth with birth weights averaging 35 lbs..  He is very gentle and passes this trait on to his progeny.  He has daughters being used as milk cows. He has been called very handsome and has both beef and milk genetics as both sides of  his pedigree come from imports.  He is the standing herd sire for Ida-J-Mar Dexter Farm at Buhl, Idaho.




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