Ardrossan Nhance

Semen: $35.00

Certificate: $110.00

Born: July 29, 2004
Bt. Wt.: 55 lbs.
Yrlg. Wt.: 757 lbs.
Jan. 2008 Wt.: 1,355 lbs.
Jan. 2008 Hip Ht.: 47 in.
Jan. 2008 Sc. Cir. 41 cm.


 Nhance just came in from pasture breeding heifers in Australia.  He has been a popular

 sire for embryo transfer and looks to be transferring his great dispositon, ability to travel and

 good muscle pattern to his progeny.  His GeneStar ratings are: T 5; M 2; FE 6.  We are

 excited to be able to make his semen available to our breeders.


Brambletye Commodore III (ABF M046)
Ardrossan Richmond (ET) (ARD R033)
Trangie K058 (TRA K058)
Trangie K121 (TRA K121)
Casuarina Becky (CAS N001)
Trangie L223 (TRA L223)