Microbial Paste Plus w/Vitamins

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What is Paste Plus?

Paste Plus is a direct-fed microbial product that contains live, natural occurring microorganisms. These lactic acid producing bacteria reproduce themselves every 18 to 19 minutes once in the intestine. This is important because most other beneficial, as well as harmful bacteria, reproduce themselves every 25 to 60 minutes. Therefore once Paste Plus is given it soon inoculates the entire intestinal wall with good bacteria that attach and reproduce rapidly--effectively crowding out the bad bacteria. The beneficial bacteria in Paste Plus also produce lactic acid which slightly alters the pH in the intestinal tract to levels that prevent many harmful organisms from growing.

What is in Paste Plus?

Paste Plus contains a live lactic acid producing bacteria called Enterococcus Faecium M74, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and a pure strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a live yeast cell product. Paste Plus also provides a significant amount of vitamins A, D3, B12, Niacin and Thiamine for supplemental nutritional support.

There are a lot of big words in the ingredient list, but the one to keep in mind is the Enterococcus Faecium M74 or M74 for short. This registered strain of bacteria was isolated from healthy intestines in Sweden in 1975. M74 is found as a normal habitat in the intestinal tract of most all healthy mammals. It is a durable bacteria with excellent reproducing characteristic and short colonization time. Long story short--M74 bacteria is tough; it can tolerate mechanical maltreatment; it is extremely viable (alive and well) after freeze drying; it has a long shelf life; it is still good for years in the freeze dried form; it reaches the gut in freeze dried form so it is extremely active and begins reproducing itself immediately. M74 also produces lactic acid which lowers the pH level to a point that inhibits the growth of E. Coli and most other pathogenic bacteria. M74 also produces hydrogen peroxide in the gut which is toxic to pathogenic bacteria and inhibits their growth.

How many "Good Bugs" are in Paste Plus?

If you are comparing labels with other competing microbials you are indeed reading right. Paste Plus does indeed have 5 billion CFU's per dose and that is often 10 to 100 times more than competing products and in most instances Paste Plus is half the cost. A complete list of ingredients is listed below.

When should I use Paste Plus?

Paste Plus can and should be used on cows after calving, at weaning time, before and after transporting, after deworming or antibiotic therapy. Basically, it can be used to offset the stress of any digestive disturbance and is commonly used at feedlots to treat incoming animals to get them quickly on feed with minimal stress. And of course Paste Plus is proven effective on newborn calves. By treating newborn calves (day one), we get the beneficial bacteria established before the negative bacteria can get started.

When a calf is born it has a totally sterile stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Only after microorganisms are introduced through colostrum milk, dirt, mud, manure, air, etc., does the gut start producing the ingested "bugs". There is only so much available living space in the stomach for microorganisms. When Paste Plus is given soon after birth, the beneficial microorganisms reproduce themselves to a point where they soon inhabit all the living space. When a calf picks up a bad bug, like E. Coli bacteria, it basically passes through due to lack of space to attach and grow. Paste Plus is an extremely effective way to get newborn calves off to a great start.

Many producers report excellent results when giving Paste Plus to fresh cows to get them quickly on feed during the critical transition period. When given to calves at weaning time, they also go quickly on feed. Many feedlots give it to all incoming cattle to get them off to a fast healthy start.

There really isn't a time when you can't use Paste Plus to reestablish healthy bacteria in the intestine. You can't give too much and you can't give it too often, but in most instances a one-dose shot is all that is required.

How do I give Paste Plus?

Paste Plus is easy to administer. It comes in a tube, much like a caulking tube and is dispensed with a gun much like a caulking gun. A simple pull of the trigger expels the proper dosage of Paste into the calf's mouth and back of the tongue. That's all there is to it. It comes out like toothpaste and immediately goes to work. Paste Plus is also available in bolus form.

Paste Plus also comes in a smaller tube that works much like a horse wormer with a dial on the plunger that is turned back to administer the proper dosage.

How much do I give?

The large 30cc tubes require a dispensing gun. A 10cc dose is all that is required for calves at birth, calves at weaning and before or after shipping or stress. So a 300cc tube will treat 30 calves.

Dairymen usually give 15cc of Paste Plus to cows at freshening--so used this way 1 tube will treat 10 fresh cows.

The smaller 32cc tubes of Paste Plus contains a more concentrated microbial and only required a 4cc dose per calf. So one small 32cc tube of Paste Plus will treat 8 calves and the size makes it convenient to carry in your pocket.

Dosage Rate:For 300cc Tube 

Beef Cattle:Incoming feedlot and Stocker Cattle
Calves at birth and weaning

Dairy:Cows at freshening
Seven days post partum
Calves at birth
Receiving replacement heifers15cc

How much does it cost?

At this time Paste Plus is the most inexpensive Microbial on the market. Nowhere can you buy more "bugs", better "bugs" or better balance of bacteria and vitamins for less money than Paste Plus. You can see from the following price list that the cost per dose even in the smallest quantities is only 80 cents per calf. Many producers feel they cannot afford not to use Paste Plus.

What do people who have used Paste Plus have to say?

Testimonials for Paste Plus would take up many more pages. Producers who have used Paste Plus swear by Paste Plus and wouldn't be without it. All West has marketed over 175,000 doses of Paste Plus for each of the last 2 years. For scour prevention in newborn calves it can't be beat. Once one producer uses it – soon the neighbors are using it and word of mouth from satisfied customers continues to sell the product. Here are just a few of the kinds of things we are hearing from the field.

From Bonners Ferry, Idaho "I have used Paste Plus on newborn Angus calves for the past 5 years with amazing results. We have virtually no scour problems and the newborn calves are chewing on hay at only 5 days old."From Baker City, Oregon "I have used Paste Plus for 4 years with excellent results. Giving Pate Plus at birth gets the calves off to a good healthy start and is just as important to us as any other part of our vaccination program."

From Grangeville, Idaho "Four years ago I had such bad scours in my 200 beef calves that I actually hated going out to check the calves. I tried everything, but still lost over 25 calves. The next year I gave every calf born Paste Plus as soon as I could. Since that time I have only lost 3 calves and none of them from scours. My calves now are running all over the pasture and pulling hay off the stack at only 2 days old. I don't know how Paste Plus works, but I do know it does work as the difference is unbelievable."From Charlo, Montana "Like everyone else calving in March in Montana, I fought scours all the time and always lost some calves no matter what I did. For the past 2 years I started giving Paste Plus at birth and have only lost 1 calf. When I got looking at the records that calf was the only calf I couldn't catch to give Paste Plus to and wouldn't you know it, he got scours and I couldn't get him over it."

From Hermiston, Oregon "I tried some Paste Plus on my incoming feeder cattle at the feedlot. I've never had calves take to the feed bunk that quickly and aggressively. They obviously felt good and had an appetite. I just ordered another 2000 doses as now every calf coming in gets Paste Plus – for 50 cents a calf you can't afford not to."From Othello, Washington "We just operated on a cow for a DA and we gave her Paste Plus to help get her stomach going. It was the fastest we've ever had a cow turn around from a DA. From now on we'll be giving all our fresh cows Paste Plus."

From Coeur d'Alene, Idaho "I have been giving Paste Plus to newborn calves for the past 3 years. In that time I have not lost a calf for any reason. What more can I say – Paste Plus flat works!" 

Cat. No.Product InformationProducer Price
per Tube/TotalCost per

Med 32cc
4cc per dose
(No gun required)1 tube (8 doses) $8.00
Box of 12 (96 doses) $7.80 / $93.80
10 Boxes of 12 (960 doses) $7.50 / $900.00

Med 300cc
10cc per dose1 tube (30 doses) $28.00
Box of 6 (180 doses) $25.00 / $150.00
6 Boxes of 6 (1080 doses) $23.00 / $828.00

MEDGUNDispensing gun for 300cc tube $20.00 per gun 

GUARANTEE: Each 4cc dose of MED32cc and each 10cc dose of MED 300cc contains 5 billion CFU's of total lactic acid producing microorganisms (Enterococcus Faecium M-74, Lactobacillus Acidophilus), 7.5 billion CFU's Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, 50,000 IU Vitamin A, 10,000 IU Vitamin D3, 200 IU Vitamin E, 75 mcg. Vitamin B12, 2.0 mg. Niacin, 1.0 mg. Thiamine.

INGREDIENTS: Soybean oil, corn starch, silicon dioxide, dextrose, dried Saccharomyces Cerevisiae fermentation product, dried Enterococcus Faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus fermentation product, Vitamin A supplement, D-activated animal sterol (source of Vitamin D3), Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin B12 supplement, Thiamine, Niacin supplement.