Semen: $25.00

Certificate: $50.00


 Reg #: FM28871

Breed %: 100% LO

Sire: 51X EZ Commando 51X FM12074

Dam: L357 Miss Panmure L357 FF2475

EZ Bullseye 15B is a handsome, growthy, powerful, long bodied fullblood Aberdeen bull.  His pedigree can be used on virtually all the popular and recently imported bloodlines in the US.  His lineage is stacked with three outstanding females who boast some of the best udders in Australia.  These genetically dominant cow families – Perfection H002, Amicable J152 and Felicity J167 – will influence his production of truly awesome females.He is a maternal half brother to the 2006 National Champion EZ Maggie 33P.  He is the natural calf of his terrific Panmure dam, born when she was 13 years old.