VAR Best Buy 8577

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Semen: $40.00

Certificate: $40.00

Birth Weight73
Weaning Weight845
Frame Score6



 ~He was the featured top selling bull of the 2019 VAR Bull Sale at 10 months of age.

 ~From one of the most proven cow families at VAR. His dam VAR Blackcap 9319, his granddam EXAR New Design 4212, his third dam GAR New Design 1200 have all produced a million dollars in progeny sales. The power even goes deeper with his fourth dam the legend 2536, fifth dam GAR EXT 2104, six dam GAR Scotch Cap 867 all famous producers and historic Angus females. Making Best Buy a great breeding prospect.

 ~His flush sister sold for a valuation of $220,000 in the 2019 Vintage Production sale.

~ He is extreme in length of body, stands on excellent bone with a perfect shape to his foot, walks with a long stride, has a big top and thick quarters with a good pop to his stifle muscle. Button for a sheath and a super long clean front.

 ~VAR Best Buy 8577 will see heavy use in the Vintage Program. We believe he has all the qualities and data needed in a great breeding bull. We also see him as a great choice for all your Payweight, Consensus, Rampage, Colonel bred cattle, just to name a few. 

~VAR Best Buy 8577 has all the data, all the structure and all the quality to be a great breeding bull and the quality cow family to back it up.


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