Laflin Marvel 1801

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Semen: $30.00

Certificate: $40.00

Birth Weight84
Weaning Weight675
Yearling Weight1175
Frame Score6.5
Scrotal Circumference38


*Laflins Marvel 1801  Champion 2019 Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska State Fairs, Class winner 2020 NWSS.

* A bull that will sire muscle (17.4” REA/365days) and uniquely carries more muscle through his hip, rump, and round to match that big top. 

*His daughters should make tremendous cows. Look for the females to have enough width, depth, and constitution to keep easily.  Examine the strength of his pedigree for maternal traits.

*Proclaimed by judges and cattlemen across the country as sound, free moving, good footed.

*An eye appealing bull that should sire clean fronted, big topped ,attractive progeny.


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S A V Brilliance 8077
PVF Insight 0129
PVF Missie 790
EXAR Consensus 1972B
Laflins Galaxie 3332
Laflins Galaxie 1241

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