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Semen: $50.00

Certificate: $50.00

Birth Weight-2


Do yourself a favor and put in a cane of Just Right this year.  If you breed your heifers to him, it will be one of the best decisions you will make both for your view and your pocketbook. 

 When you would walk up the bull alley at Stillwater you could see Just Right standing in his run, you could tell it was him from a mile away.   He was a dead on carbon copy to his picture  You can’t truly appreciate this bull until you have seen his daughters in production.   PERFECT udders and teat quality, with a look that is consistently stamped out pretty. 

 He stands as one of the most influential sires in our lineup.  Just Right pops up a lot on the bottom side of our pedigree’s, they are some of our favorite and most  powerful cows. 


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DHD Traveler 6807
OCC Emblazon 854E
Dixie Erica of 1019
Cole Creek Oscar 92R
Dam. OCC Juanada 709V
Juanada of Rollin Rock

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