EXAR Stock Fund 9097B

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Semen: $30.00

Certificate: $50.00

Birth Weight72
Weaning Weight846
Yearling Weight1630


 A phenomenal adjusted 365 weight of 1,630 pounds and an adjusted 365 day URE measure of 18.9 square inches to balance a birth ratio of 91 with a weaning ratio of 109, a yearling ratio of 116 and a URE ratio of 115 as his dam’s first natural calf.

A feature of the six sons of his sire that sold for an average of $34,833 in the Spring 2020 Bull Sale at Express, this $45,000 paternal brother to the lead off and top-selling bull was a sale day favorite of those who study EPD profiles and value superior individual performance along with visual eye appeal and power.


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Deer Valley Rita 36113
G A R Prophet K243
EXAR Empress 0875
EXAR Empress 2622

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