EXAR Grenade 9152B

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Semen: $40.00

Certificate: $50.00

Birth Weight77
Weaning Weight761
Yearling Weight1502


Sired by the $190,000 record-setting Casino Bomber N33 that is on his way to being recognized as the top breeding son of KM Broken Bow, his dam, who raised him as her first calf, is sired by the Pathfinder Sire Sitz Top Game whose daughters include the dam of the $70,000 two-thirds interest EXAR Jet Fuel and the $165,000 fall 2019 Sitz top-seller Sitz Resilient.

 This highly fertile and truly unique breeding tool is poised to be the most widely-sampled young sire from the 2019 calf crop in the Angus breed.

There are only FOUR non-parent Angus bulls among more than 250,000 in the American Angus Association database that combine a +11 Calving Ease Direct EPD with a +175 or higher Yearling Weight EPD.


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Casino Annie K48
EXAR Merle 7441
EXAR Merle 2550

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