Bushs True Grit 109

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Semen: $20.00

Certificate: $40.00

Birth Weight90
Weaning Weight803
Yearling Weight1609
Frame Score6
Scrotal Circumference40.5


1.True Grit 109 is a muscular bull that has alot of performance.

2. He is wide based, deep sided, good moving individual and was in the Grand Champion Penof 3 at Denver 2014 National Western.

3. 109 ranks in the top 1% for WW,YW,and $F.

4. He had a BW ratio of 106, WW ratio of 109 and YW ratio of 106. 5. He just came in from 42 days pasture service on 42 cows and a quick check has them all safe in calf.


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S A V Final Answer 0035
Vin-Mar O'Reilly Factor
Vin-Mar Edella 2827
Bushs Big Time 452
Bushs Pride Time 0865
Bushs Grand Pride 680

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