Connealy Packer 547

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Semen: $20.00

Certificate: $35.00

Birth Weight72
Weaning Weight758
Yearling Weight1404
Frame Score6.4
Scrotal Circumference38

  1.  One of our more popular bulls as he ranks in the top 25% in all
of the most important traits.
2.  His laid back disposition is being passed on and this
will manifest itself in more first service conceptions on
his daughters.
3.  The more daughters the breeders are seeing, the better
they like them.  We have many repeat breeders.

4. He is deceased.


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Finks 5522-6148
Feltons Meat Packer 62
Graham N Mistress 8
Dalebanks Extender 6012
Bestrelle of Conanga 539
Besta of Conanga 6538

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