Redland Emblazon 2021

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Semen: $20.00

Certificate: $35.00

Birth Weight74
Weaning Weight633
Yearling Weight1030
Mature Weight2300
Frame Score5.5
Scrotal Circumference41

1.  Semen is being offered for the first time on a nation-
wide basis on Redland Emblazon.
2.  His sons have been the high sellers at Redland's and
Marcy's sales with 14 sons averaging $4,750 at Redland's and
21 sons averaging $4,810 at Marcy's January 2008 sale.
3.  He is producing moderate framed feminine cows that
travel well and have adequate milk.
4.  With his high ribeye EPD and positive $EN, he should
definitely fit into your herd.


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O C C Emblazon 854E
Dixie Erica of C H 1019
Redland Blackcap 1289
Redland Blackcap 516

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