Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM

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Birth Weight74
Weaning Weight800
Yearling Weight1294
Hip Height50.3
Frame Score5.6
Scrotal Circumference36.26

REASONS TO USE: 1. High selling bull at the 2012 Wehrmann Angus Sale. 2. 9Q13 is number 1 $B index among all Angus bulls. This just in $B 132.36!! 3. Sired by Gardens Highmark, a marbling trait leader. His dam was one of the most unique females in the breed ranking 1st for CW and 2nd for RE; her CED was +11 with a BW EPD of +1.


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Summitcrest Scotch Cap 0B45
Gardens Highmark
Green Garden Pride 6128 S1
C A Future Direction 5321
Rita 5F56 of 1I98 FD
Rita 1I98 of 2536 Rito 6I6

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