V D A R Cedar Wind 8111

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Registration17041452 Canadian 1751551
Birth Weight65
Weaning Weight765
Yearling Weight1259
Hip Height51.5
Frame Score6
Scrotal Circumference39

Reasons to use:

1. 8111's calves are quiet; even in the pasture when strangers come to call.

2. The older his daughters get; the more they impress our breeders.

3. We were impressed with the growth of the calves, they have 112 and 111 yearling ratios in Van Dyke's herds.

4. His daughters are stylish with femininity and capacity.

5. He sired 9 bull calves in Van Dyke's 2017 Cattleman's Advantage Bull Sale. They averaged right at $8,700 and lot 32 a son of Cedar Wind topped the sale at $25,000.

6. Don't let his numbers scare you off--remember we are building good cows!!!

7. 8111's yearling daughters caught 1st service and calved in a 4 day calving period--they are so calm that you don't have to worry about them blowing snot In your back pocket when you are trying to tag and weigh their babies.


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