V D A R Right Time 3045

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Birth Weight82
Weaning Weight734
Yearling Weight1259
Mature Weight2355
Hip Height56.5
Frame Score5.5
Scrotal Circumference47

1.  VanDykes don't bring the boys to town until they have
proven themselves at home.  3045 has earned his way.  He is
producing sons with broad straight toplines that are deep
in the rib and packed with muscle.
2.  His daughters have capacity, wonderful udders with
perfect teat size, and great attitudes.
3.  Progeny are maintaining their condition in Montana and
Dakota range settings with the females showing excellent
fertility and mothering.  This excellent sire is another product
of a quality program.


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N Bar Emulation EXT
Leachman Erica 0025
V D A R Lass 5186
Gladwall G V Lass 8270

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