Semen: $30.00

BW 85  
AMAA #508025  


We think he’s an awfully special animal to come from a flush that has sold every steer for 20k plus, and yet is backed by a cow family that hits every time raising 1/2 blood Maine heifers who get it done at the major shows everywhere. The Paul Miller family in Wyoming raised Somethin’ Else and we knew we just had to add this impressive young sire to our bull battery. Programs across the country who raise ‘em everyday know how hard it is to make cattle that long necked and good looking without sacrificing squareness on the backside of their shoulder or the build of their forerib. His flexibility, joint work, and basic body build read like he’ll keep the maternal lineage strong raising the winning kind of maintainer heifers, his shape and stoutness of feature should surely make steers, and no matter what sex they come out, their look will truly be Somethin’ Else.




1/2 Maine Getcha Some x Ali x Euchee x Strictly Business