Ardrossan Jamberoo



Reg. (Australia) 7024
Reg: US FM6569
Born: March 12, 2006
Birth Weight: 57 lb.
Yearl. Weight: 680 lb.
Weight 1/21/2008 1,086 lbs
Hip Height: 1/2008 45.5 in.
Scrotal: 38 cm.


 Jamberoo arrived in the US and has gone to stud in Iowa.  He is pictured in below zero weather conditions.

 He is collecting very well and we are excited as all information points to his becoming a leader in the grass

 fed areas of our cattle industry.  He GeneStar tested:  Tenderness - 3, Marbling - 5, and Feed Efficiency -8.

 We are seeing a real movement toward the smaller carcass with excellent muscling and marbling.  He has

 an excellent temperament.  Jamberoo is pictured at age 4 in the pasture servicing females.


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