Red Hercules 1



Red Hercules 1


Reg. #: FM 7185
Tattoo: CR3U
Born: January 20, 2008
Color: Solid Red
Bt. Wt.:

48 lbs.

17 Mo. Wt.: 686 lbs.
Hip Ht.: 36 in.
Scrotal Cir.: 27 cm.
Mat. Wt. 1200 lbs. (estimated)


1.   Red Hercules is a red gene carrier and one of the very few red Lowlines to be available on the market.

2.  He combines two Australian lines and we look for him to be extremely popular. 

3.  While in collection he gained 190 lbs. between June 2nd and August 18th.  

4.  He is the first red calf born in North America.

5. There is internationally cleared semen available for Mexico, South America and Canada .



Sire:  Murrumbong LGL Bluey  (FM 4064)
Dam: Bess' Pride (FF 1679)