Ballee Caesar


Reg. # 26245
Born: July 15, 1983
Color: Silver
Wn. Wt.: 693 lbs.
Mat. Wt.: 2,257 lbs.
Frame Score: 5
Scrotal 45 cm
Hip Ht.: 57.5 in.
Blood percentage 100%MG
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. -.9 .93
Wn. Wt. -9 .93
Yr. Wt. -8 .90
Milk +9 .89
Total Mat. +4  
Scrotal Cir. -.1 .49
Calving Ease 1.6 .69
Mat. Calving Ease +.5 .49


Ceasar's progeny show length, size and good fleshing. He is a New Zealand International Sire Status approved sire. He won numerous New Zealand shows and his progeny also stood well in their classes.


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