CAS Ulysis 31U



February 26,1986

32 Mo. Wt: 2,300 lbs.
Color: Silver
Hip Ht. 57 in.
Scrotal Cir.: 38 cm.
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. 5.4 .96
Wn. Wt: 22 .94
Yr. Wt.: 40 .92
Milk -3 .92
Total Mat. +8  
Scrotal Cir. -.10 .54
Calving Ease -4.3 .80
Mat. Calving Ease +0.1 .71


Ulysis has become one of the more popular bulls of the breed due to his ability to sire offspring with a lot of eye-appeal.  He was the Grand Champion bull at the 1988 World Congress.  His calves will average 80 lbs. at birth.


TMR Mr . N10
CAS Missouri 34R
  CAS Knute's Maiden 6N
Bugler Boy SF
KB Miss Bugler 2K
Maneroo Bonny 8