Cranbrook Virtue ET


Reg. # 52232 (USA)
Reg. # CTG V15 (Australia)
Born: May 2, 2000
Bt. Wt.: 75 lbs.
Yr. Wt.: 1,316 lbs.
Mat. Wt.: 2,695 lbs.
Color: Dark Silver
Frame Score: 7+
Scrotal Cir.:

51 cm.

Mannosidosis Free by inheritance
Semen Imported Australia
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. 3.4 .68
Wn. Wt. 13 .64
Yr. Wt. 22 .62
Milk +1 .57
Total Mat. +8  
Scrotal Cir. .30 .57
Calving Ease -0.3 .54
Mat. Calv. Ease -1.7 .48


Virtue offers an out-cross pedigree to the U.S. Murray Grey enthusiast. He is a show champion that will add frame and length and sire champions. His eye appeal and pedigree should generate interest and make him a "let's try" sire.


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