Toonga Kasper


Reg. # 30672 (US)
Australia NFR 323
Born: March 9, 1989
Bt. Wt.: 83 lbs.
200 Day Wt.: 632 lbs.
Mat. Wt.: 2,060 lbs. in light condition
Hip Ht.: 57.5 in.
Color: Silver
Mannosidosis Free by inheritance
Frame Score 6+
Scrotal Cir. 40 cm
Trait: EPD Acc
BW 2.3 .93
WW 1 .88
Yrlg Wt. -2 .87
Milk -1 .81
Total Mat. 0  
Scrotal Circ. -0.50 .52
Calving Ease -1.6 .64
Mat. -0.5 .58


  Kasper is an outcross bull from which semen was imported   from Australia. Kasper is very sound on his feet and legs.   He has a large frame and could be used on smaller framed   cows to increase size. When assessed in Australia, he was   found to be easily handled in a large yard without restraint,   exhibited smooth muscle pattern and was balanced on ideal   hoof shape.


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