Tuerong Park Igor


Reg. # 2025 (US)
Reg. # TOH 72 (Australia)
Born: May 25, 1969
Color: Silver Grey
Blood Percent 100%MG
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. .4 .90
Wn. Wt. 4 .85
Yrlg. Wt. 17 .83
Milk 7 .89
Total Mat. +9  
Scrotal Circ. .30 .58
Calving Ease .8 .61
Mat. +0.1 .44


  Igor was our first Murray Grey bull. The semen was   imported from the Australian state of Tazmania in 1976.   Many breeders who have used him say he puts an"extra   rib" in his progeny. His calves are long and growthy and   exhibit the traits of the original Murray Grey. They   have excellent growth and his females have good milk.


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