Willowcreek Jumbolaya19E


Reg. # 31221 (US)
Born: January 20, 1995
Bt. Wt.: 70 lbs.
Wn. Wt. 596 lbs.
Color: Dark Grey
Blood Percent: 97.66%MG
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. -0.3 .81
Wn. Wt. 12 .77
Yrlg. Wt. 17 .68
Milk 2 .59
Total Mat. 9  
Scrotal Circ. 0 .44
Calving Ease +1.8 .59
Mat. +.5 .48


  Jumbolaya is a calving ease purebred sire with good   growth in his progeny.   He is dark grey in color with a great dispositon and is   producing high fertility females.   His sire is a 4 way trait leader in the 2007 Australian   Herdbook.


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