Woodbourn Fame


Reg. # 1991 (US)
Reg. # 4W 349 (Australia)
Born: April 6, 19984
Bt. Wt.: 80 lbs. (approximate)
Wn. Wt. 1,075 lbs. (8 mo.)
Yrlg. Wt.: 1,496 lbs.
Mat. Wt.: 1,947 lbs. (25 mo.)
Frame Score: 6.5+
Color: Silver
  Dark feet and muzzle
Blood Percent 100%
Mannosidosis Tested Free
Trait: EPD Acc
Bt. Wt. 4.8 .98
Wn. Wt. 11 .97
Yrlg. Wt. 8 .97
Milk 8 .97
Total Mat. 13  
Scrotal Circ. -0.2 .90
Calving Ease -4.3 .92
Mat. -3.6 .90


  Fame will add frame and milk to your females. He should   be used on cows with large pelvic structures.   He was only shown twice in 1985 winning Junior &   Grand Champion Bull at both the Royal Lauceston and   Royal Hobart Shows.   Woodbourn Stud in Tasmania selected for size and   conformation, milk and fertility.

  Highlighted area indicates Trait Leader.


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