BAR R-AB 4503

Semen: $35.00

BAR R-AB is a Red heterozygous polled purebred bull that originates from the Bar R Cattle Co. black Wagyu herd.4503 is one of the first Tajima red polled bulls we have produced. This bull can be traced back 11 generations on some legs of the pedigree and includes all four bulls of the old genetics imported inthe mid 1970s. The last four generations involve all black bulls whose ancestors were imported in the 1990s. 4503 had ADG of 3.01lb and an RFI of -0.90. This bull is parent verified by DNA back two generations. He is free of the Wagyu genetic defects that can be tested. This may be your first, but probably not your last opportunity to start with polled genetics and put them into your red cattle 50% polled and 100% red calves.

BW: 76

WW: 543LB

YW 708LB

REA: 9.5


ADG: 3.01

      BAR R 7P



   BAR R 10S


    BAR R 13P