Wolfs Q-NW13 "Goofy"

Semen: $0.00

Reg # : 12370
Born: November 21, 2003
Bt. Wt.: 69 lbs
Wn. Wt.: 505 lbs
Yrlg. Wt.: 1,080 lbs.
Color: White
Points: Black


 New to our program, "Goofy" gives our breeders access to Q Hillbilly Jack genetics.  "Goofy" is well balanced

 with a good muscle pattern and freedom of movement.  He presents a genetic package worth trying.


  Ozark Hillbilly Jack - U7660
Q Hillbilly Jack - Z9705
  Wolfs Silkie J 88 - U7569
  Wolfs Stretch 48 - Y9695
Wolfs JW10 -12369
  Wolfs GW20 - I1709