SAV Emblem 8074

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Birth Weight83
Weaning Weight977
Yearling Weight1613


~  Second top-selling bull from the 2019 SAV sale.
~  He is sired by SAV Raindance 6848 and flush brother to SAV Rainfall 6846.
~  Emblem combines a curve bending EPD profile with majestic herd bull presence, length of front, massive volume, expressive shape and breed-changing type, a force to be reckoned with in the Angus breed.
~ His Pathfinder dam, SAV Emblynette 2369 is also the dam of the top-selling female in the 2019 SAV sale and second top-selling female in the 2018 SAV Sale.
Emblem has been chosen to carry on the namesake of the SAV Emblynette family, that was established in 1946.
Emblem's EPD profile has  WW, YW, CW and $B in the top 1% of the breed



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S A V Raindance 6848
S A V Blackcap May 4136
S A V 707 Rito 9969
S A V Emblynette 2369
S A V Emblynette 7566

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