E&B Plus One 237AN3377

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Birth Weight75
Weaning Weight735
Yearling Weight1293


The $68,000 top-selling bull of the 2019 Benoit sale in Kansas, this extra thick and deep son of the very popular Confidence Plus has been a special favorite of visitors.

The Pathfinder Dam of Plus One has weaned six natural calves with an average ratio of 108 and this unique individual recorded a %IMF ratio of 162 in the Benoit calf crop in addition to recording a 14.6 adjusted URE measure.

 Top 1% $Beef value index and $Feedlot value index along with a top 2% Residual Average Daily Gain EPD and top 3% Yearling Weight EPD, top 10% Carcass Weight EPD, Marbling score EPD and Rib Eye area measure EPD also ranks to 10% for $Weaned calf value index and $Grid value index and Docility score EPD, with a top 20% double-digit Calving Ease Direct EPD and a Birth Weight EPD among the lowest 35% of the population.


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Elbanna of Conanga 1209
E&B 1680 Precision 1023
E&B Lady 1023 Precision 936
E&B Lady 878 New Design 441

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