A & B Ferguson 6186 272AN0978

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Birth Weight88
Weaning Weight905
Yearling Weight1505


The $23,000 top-selling bull of the 2017 A & B Cattle Company Bull Sale produced by a daughter of the Pathfinder Sire EF Complement who also sired the dam of the exciting calving-ease sire A & B SpotLite 5470, his dam currently has three progeny with an average weaning ratio of 115 and an average yearling ratio of 116.

The grandam of this high performance young sire is a daughter of the $263,000 record-setting past ORIgen sire EXAR 263C, sire of a long list of great daughters that include the dam of the $340,000 third interest record-setting EXAR Denver 2002B.

With a %IMF ratio of 154 and an URE ratio of 120 on an adjusted URE measure of 15.6 square inches, Ferguson had an adjusted scrotal circumference measure of 39.6 centimeters to complement his weaning ratio of 126 and yearling ratio of 116. 


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GAR-EGL Protege
Baldridge Waylon W34
Baldridge Blackcap T163
EF Complement 8088
A & B Lucy 3157
A & B Lucy 0273

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