Square B Atlantis 8060

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Registration 19405249
Birth Weight84
Weaning Weight711
Yearling Weight1169
Frame Score5.5


~Produced by the $125,000 pick of the Connealy Angus females purchased by Square B and later sold to the partnership of Baldridge and Rancho Casino, the powerful dam of Atlantis that is now deceased is best known for producing the very popular Connealy Confidence Plus and many believe that her combination of $Maternal value index and $Beef value index identifies her as the greatest cow ever produced in the Connealy program.

~Atlantis combines a top 1% $Maternal value index with a top 1% Docility score EPD, ranking top 5% for Rib Eye area measure EPD, $Weaned calf value index and percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD along with an elite EPD value for Claw set EPD.


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Coleman Charlo 0256
S A V Rainfall 6846
S A V Blackcap May 4136
Connealy Consensus
Elbanna of Conanga 1209
Elbasta of Conanga 9703

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