Baldridge SR Goalkeeper

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Birth Weight71
Weaning Weight856
Yearling Weight1458
Frame Score6.2


The lead-off and $90,000 two-thirds interest top-seller of the 2020 Baldridge Bull Sale, Jud Baldridge says that in terms of multi-trait strength, completeness, and balance, Goalkeeper ranks as one of the best bulls ever offered from his program.

Goalkeeper combines two of the breed’s best-balanced sires in Enhance and Confidence Plus and his dam is one of the most impressive young females in the herd with docility and feet and udder quality to match her elite EPD profile and she is a daughter of the million dollar-valued and multi-million dollar producer Baldridge Isabel Y69 destined to add to an already great family legacy.

With his overall design and individuality, EPD and performance statistics and pedigree, Jud Baldridge and Stonewall Ridge are both excited about Goalkeeper’s potential to make their program goals a reality and to positively impact the entire Angus breed.


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