RB Black Ranger 458

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Birth Weight68
Weaning Weight785
Yearling Weight1223
Frame Score4.5


Black ranger is the only bull in the breed at his levels of DMI(top 4%), PAP(top 3%), and YW. He is also calving ease. His progeny ratio 98 at birth and 101 at yearling. His daughters have milking ratio of 103. Use as a low input, calving ease, high altitude bull whos daughters wean 3% above average.

A premier calving-ease bull that is a perfect sire choice for large heifer breeding projects for calving heifers and retaining replacement heifers.

Produced by the $170,000 National Western record-setting dam with a long list of sons in A.I. marketing programs, other full siblings to his dam include the past ORIgen sire Active Duty, the current ORIgen sire Holder’s Special Duty and the grandam of the $Weaned calf index leader Crouch Silverado.

Black Ranger has the conformation and calving ease the industry has expected from sons of his famous dam and the most efficient and effective way to stabilize great genetics is to stack great cows through their best sons. 


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Connealy Tobin
Becka Gala of Conanga 8281
LCC New Standard
R B Lady Standard 305-890
B A Lady 6807 305

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