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Birth Weight78
Weaning Weight778
Yearling Weight1314
Mature Weight2460
Frame Score6.2
Scrotal Circumference43.5


IMAX sold to lifelong rancher Syd Dowton in our 2017 production sale, where he was used naturally at 6500’ elevation for 3 years without any problems. “He stays with the cows, is easy to handle, and is as good a bull as I’ve ever had,” says Dowton. We purchased IMAX back to use in our own herd because of his extreme rib capacity, phenomenal foot design, and productive breeding history at Dowton’s.

IMAX’s 10 year old donor dam, Nelson Pride 0663, has tremendous phenotype, fleshing ability, foot quality, and fertility, along with a production record to set her apart from many others. She has taken to AI each of the 6 times serviced, and is an excellent embryo producer.

Use IMAX as a balanced trait, high altitude certified sire to improve foot quality, control frame size, boost fertility, and increase natural fleshing ability, all without any white! As you examine his pedigree, you will be hard pressed to find another sire with 12 out of 14 Pathfinder ancestors in the immediate pedigree!

His Dam Nelson Pride 0663 has 7 @ 99 for BW, 7 @ 105 WW & 7 @ 109 YW  Ratio's. 





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Connealy Impression
MAR Innovation 251
MAR Final Kahuna 856
Nelson Image Maker 7017
Nelson Pride 0663
Nelson Pride 6110

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