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Semen: $50.00

Certificate: $40.00

Registration 19570738
Birth Weight76
Weaning Weight642
Yearling Weight1160
Frame Score6
Scrotal Circumference35


  • Breeding TRANSCENDENT to a breed-average Marbling female lands the calf in the top 1 percent. Think about it.
  • Like no other bull in the Angus breed history, TRANSCENDENT takes carcass quality to a whole new level. He makes sought-after prime premiums even more attainable.
  • Yes, his Marbling EPD is off the charts. Another difference-maker trait with this bull in his YH EPD. Some of you already understand, for those who don’t, just ask someone who does.
  • TRANSCENDENT's sire and MGS (MOMENTUM and PROPHET) have over 400 actual carcass records between them. There's a reason why bulls like this one rise to the top.


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G A R Progress
G A R Momentum
G A R Big Eye 1770
G A R Prophet
G A R Prophet 2685
G A R Daybreak 2842

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