S M C Elevate

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Birth Weight85
Weaning Weight762
Yearling Weight1220
Frame Score5.9
Scrotal Circumference37


#4 Resilient son in the breed for PAP EPD.  #36 non parent bull in the breed for PAP EPD.  

Puts everything together in one package.  Top 5% CED, 5% WW, 10% YW, 2% DOC, 20% Claw, 5% Angle, 1% PAP, 15% HP, 10% CEM, 30% $EN, 15% CW, 3% REA, 1% $M, 2% $W, 20% $B, 2% $C.

Loads of maternal in the pedigree, out of a very functional Black Granite daughter that stands on great feet and legs with an excellent udder.  Finally, a bull that offers all the growth and performance you want with loads of maternal and real world functionality.  


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Sitz Miss Burgess 1856
S M C Lucy 7075
S M R Lucy 3006

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