SITZ Incentive 704H

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Birth Weight79
Weaning Weight846
Yearling Weight1489


NUMBER 1 for hoof Claw set EPD and Hair Shedding score EPD, Number 3 for $Maternal value index, Number 4 for percent Heifer Pregnancy EPD and top 9 for foot Angle EPD 

The $235,000 record-setting selection of JC Heiken & Sons Angus from the 2021 SITZ “Elite Sort” Female Sale where his dam was the top-selling female at $160,000 to Express Ranches and Spruce Mountain Ranch.

• Slated to have been Lot 1 bull of the Spring 2021 SITZ Bull Sale as his dam’s first calf, until an unfortunate injury prior to the sale, this “glimpse of the future” had an actual birth weight of 79 pounds for a birth ratio of 98, an adjusted 205-day weight of 846 pounds for a weaning ratio of 113, and an adjusted 365-day weight of 1,489 pounds for a yearling ratio of 112 with a yearling PAP score of 35.

• Sired by a $50,000 past SITZ top-seller that has become one of the most popular and widely-used sires in A.I., the only bred heifer by his sire was the $85,000 top-selling bred heifer of the 2021 SITZ “Elite Sort” with eight heifer calves by his sire selling for an average of $18,094 as they were headlined by the $60,000 top-selling heifer calf with another paternal sister selling half interest for $110,000 in the 2021 Big Event at Express.

• This sensation of the fall sale season touches the essential bases for beef production for nearly all altitudes and environments.


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