S Wrangler 830

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Birth Weight66
Weaning Weight774
Yearling Weight1356
Frame Score5.75


 S Wrangler 830 is a calving ease Coalition son with a dominating phenotypic presence and a pedigree stacked with performance and maternal patriarchs. Wrangler’s dam is double bred to the popular Genex sire, Chisum, who consistently sires muscle, mass and power, while enhancing maternal production. The 3rd dam of Wrangler is a double-bred Grid Maker female who is sired by a past Spickler high seller, S Grid Maker 5131, a sire heavily used in the Spickler program that uniquely blended the performance of Grid Maker with the udder perfecting qualities of his straight Wye bred dam. Beyond these females, Wrangler’s pedigree resonates with some of the real maternal heavyweights of the breed as he then traces to EXT and Traveler 6807. When all his maternal strength is combined with the udder and teat size improving capabilities of Coalition, Wrangler is poised to stamp his own maternal legacy. Wrangler was retained from his calf crop by Spickler South, and an interest was later sold to M Diamond Angus, WY. He has been used successfully on a large number of both registered and commercial heifers. Wrangler himself is a very good structured, exceptionally quiet bull, with a poise and presence about himself that further separates him as an elite herd bull. He is seeing heavy use at both M Diamonand and Spickler South. The consistency and quality he sired in his first calf crop has him marked early as an elite producing sire.


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HF Syndicate 213Z
U-2 Coalition 206C
U2 Erelite 109Z
S Whitlock 179
S Erica 6196
S Erica 3441

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