Bear Mtn Justify

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Birth Weight88
Weaning Weight746
Yearling Weight1415
Frame Score5.9
Scrotal Circumference39.5

Reasons to use:

  • Justify is undoubtably a hidden gem in the Angus breed.
  • Joining our lineup as a mature bull, he's the high-performance son of Justified in the database who improves several traits that progressive breeders seek.
  • He’s Top 1% for HP, superior for field-tested fertility, and a unique outcross calving ease and marbling option.
  • He currently has over 100 calves that ratio 100 for BW, 101 for WW and YW, 104 for IMF, and 104 for R


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Connealy Judgment
KG Justified 3023
KG Miss Magic 1443
S A V Pioneer 7301
Bear Mtn Judy 3092
Bear Mtn Judy 0133

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