T D L Judge J187

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A very promising son of the bull who has taken the breed by storm with the highest Marbling score EPD among highly proven sires in the Spring 2023 NCE Main Report and whose added harvest data has driven his Marbling score EPD progressively higher while adding accuracy.

With a unique and valuable combination of some the most impressive marbling score and rib eye area genetics available in the industry along with exceptional calving ease and PAP score genetics, T D L Judge is a bull you can breed to heifers with confidence, he will add end product value to both sons and daughters and they should be equipped to produce at altitude and provide a measure of security against feedlot death without regard to the altitude of the feedlot where their descendants are finished.


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G A R Sure Fire 6404
GB Fireball 672
GB Anticipation 432
T D L Cynthia 776E
T D L Cynthia 110Y

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