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Birth Weight73
Frame Score6.25



It is rare to find a bull that does so many things so we’ll. It is even more rare to find one that comes from such a proven pedigree both top and bottom.


26 Epd traits and $ values in the top 30%. Only 2 non-parent bulls in the AAA data base can say this and none from a more proven Dam Yon Sarah D668.


When studying Southern Comfort’s pedigree pay special attention to the bottom side. His Dam Yon Sarah D668 is one of 2 cows in the Angus breed with her combination of $M, $G, $B and $C. The other, is also a descendant of Yon Sarah N170. D668 progeny have been in huge demand with exceptional numbers and even better phenotype.


Maternal brother to Select Sires Yon Top Cut


Full brother to Select Sires Yon Saluda


“Gentle, high libido, pasture proven, cow settling machine!” Quote from Philip Ferrell, Pinhoti Ridge Farms


At 24mo. 6.5 frame, 39 scrotal


26 Epd and $ values in top 30%

No other Sitz Stellar son can match his combination of $M, $G, $B and $C.


On farm notes:
On Jan 28th 2023 at 18 mo of age we exposed K55 to 13 heifers, 6 first calf cows & 4 mature cows
totaling 23 for 64 days. On April 26 th Vet Preg checked females from this group via ultrasound. 22 of 23
were determined preg at least 45 days, the 1 open heifer was determined to have a reproductive
abnormality and was culled. We were so impressed with K55’s efficiency we decided to use him to
natural service 6 cows we had set up to AI to him the following day. He serviced all six in one day/night
and all 6 were preg checked on June 18 th and all determined to be preg due the natural service date April
27 th . After April 27 th he was used thru mid June for AI and embryo transfer clean up. During this long
spring breeding season he was able to maintain his libido and physical condition with little rest and little


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Mohnen Substantial 272
SITZ Pride 200B
V A R Discovery 2240
Yon Sarah D668
Yon Sarah D668

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